Room partitioning systems enhance space in general. A clear profile selection, a high degree of functionality and excellent smoothness is what characterizes these systems.
Through further room furnishings such as shelf systems, coat rack fittings, panel systems, stainless steel fittings and sliding-door systems, our Module C1 offers sufficient options to give any room a facelift.

In-out – sliding door system

These systems are characterised by a well-arranged profile selection, high functionality, excellent quality, and unlimited design possibilities. A large selection of panelling is available. With the few components, assembly can be accomplished very easily and quickly. The version Drive also enables laterally slanted doors. 

In-out Drive

The door elements run on a floor rail of your choice; at the top, a respective ceiling rail in U-shape guides the door elements. The large, hidden rolls at the bottom and at the top guarantee best running characteristics. in-out Drive may also be excellently mounted at sloping ceilings.

In-out Drive Slim

The same structure as in-out Drive, however, executed with vertical profile 50×21 mm. This reduces the construction depth by approx. 1/3. In addition, the profile width of 50 mm enables the insertion of various handle recesses. This guarantees ergonomically excellent operation of the system.

In-out Fly

The door elements float at high-quality running gear, which is guided in the upper guide rail. The required guiding point at the bottom is provided with rolls, so that the excellent running characteristics are maintained. Clip-on blinds easily hide the running gear and adjustment area in a decorative fashion.

In-out Fly Slim

The same structure as in-out Fly, however, executed with a vertical profile 50×21 mm. The construction depth remains identical with in-out Fly. The profile width of 50 mm enables the insertion of various handle recesses. This guarantees ergonomically excellent operation of the system

MWE – sliding door systems

The MWE sliding door systems attract through puristic design and the incredible versatility combined with simple yet functional features. These products are creating new possibilities for layout solutions and room partitions. Highest quality manufacturing and outstanding finishing will not only convince designers and architects, but will also surprise users with its fabulous functionality. This system can be installed onto glass constructions, walls or ceilings. All hardware components are manufactured in top-quality stainless steel (W 1.4301 and W 1.4305) with slightly fine brushed finish

MWE – library sliding ladder

This elegant ladder in stainless steel is manufactured for your individual demands and perfect fit. The ladder height and length of guiding rail can be planned accordingly.