Lighting is noticeable and has noticeable benefits. It controls numerous physical functions, the metabolism, hormonal balance and the psyche.

More light awakens curiosity, allows leaves to sprout on trees and grasses and flowers to grow. Light allows us to see, enlivens rooms and illuminates our souls, which is why it is important to design light on a conceptual basis.

A professional light consulting team with long-term experience helps and supports our customers in the most demanding objects, so that the right light is implemented in the right place.

A1 – Light diodes
A2 – Light for room and buildings

With regard to “LED Light”, we focus on the following Areas:

Fitted LED spotlights for kitchens and furniture

The demand for sophisticated LED light solutions in kitchens is rising. LED Technology allows the production of energy-efficient and long-lasting LED spotlights. One of our strengths is to find the right balance between the quality and visual appeal of our LED range.

Tailored LED Lights for every situation in kitchen and interior decoration

Ready-to-assemble and ready-to-plug-in, tailored LED Lights (aluminum profiles with LED stripes) are packaged at the LUX factory and delivered within 72 hours. A high degree of automation and well organized processes allow for an optimal price/performance ratio. Our tailored LED light systems are designed for installation and mounting and, if required, can be manufactured for interior or exterior areas in the IP67 version.

LED Light System for Shopfitting and Show-Rooms

More radiance – Highlights and strong accents with LED lighting. In this case every site and every floor plan needs its own light solution. No problem with our light planners and HELLA LED lights. LED lights, LED ceiling spotlights, LED downlights, LED spots for 3-phase rails are not only highly flexible and adjustable, they also stand out with their cost-efficient energy consumption.

Industrial LED Light Systems

Flexible and modular LED light systems by HELLA for simple and tool-free installation and maintenance as well as ONTOP Retrofit LED tubes help to economize costs in halls, parking garages and shops with a large number of operating hours.