For a beautiful and modern kitchen, fronts, fittings and technical accessories are fundamental factors for appreciation regarding quality, function and esthetics.

Our ranges are permanently maintained at state-of-the-art and in line with fashion trends. As specialists in this department, innovation has the highest priority and is an integrated process in our organization.

Our extensive front, fitting and equipment assortment supports the kitchen manufacturer in his concepts for successful implementation.

B1 – Doors for kitchen and front fittings
B2 – Kitchen fittings
B3 – Kitchen Equipment

Lacquered Fronts

Lacquered fronts provide the greatest range. Not only concerning the various models but also the selection of the color. While we offer all standard colors, you also have the option of choosing your own.

The carrier material is always an MDF plate. The surfaces of the glossy lacquered fronts are polished after painting, resulting in a high-quality surface.

Advantages: almost unlimited possibilities regarding form and color.

Glass and Ceramic Fronts

Bucher has a large range of glass and ceramic fronts,
whereby their distinguishing characteristic are the edges. The glass or the ceramics are absolutely flush with the edge. Due to a special manufacturing procedure, there is no open gap between the carrier plate and front material.

Advantages: Glass fronts offer a brilliant accent while ceramic fronts are extremely scratch resistant and easy to clean.

Fronts with aluminum frames

We are able to offer you an aluminum framed front for almost any application. Whether flap, door, double or sliding doors, we can delivery fully assembled front for every situation. There is a choice between various aluminum frame profiles in naturally oxidized aluminum or aluminum with a stainless steel effect. For glass fronts, you can choose from all glass types available on the market. If requested, we can deliver everything including all fittings, e.g. Aventos

Advantage: Cabinets, flaps etc., everything designed with the same profile.

Stainless steel fronts

Like stainless steel work surfaces (covers), stainless steel fronts add value to every kitchen. The surface can be selected with a fine polish or as manually brushed. During the course of the years, the unpreventable wear and tear will provide the fronts with a special, individual touch. The stainless steel fronts are also supported by a chipboard plate as carrier material.

Advantages: hygienic

Stone fronts

Granito offers you the option of using stone as front material. A very thin stone layer (approx. 1-3 mm), connected with a layer of polyester resin and glass fiber, forms the covering material. The grinding procedure “slating” results in an uneven surface. So the various parts not only differ in color but also in the more or less structured surface.

Advantages: exclusive design, with every part being a little different

Cement fronts

MDF plates are painted with cement on the one side, and a transparent matt lacquered layer protects the front. The cement is painted on manually. This always results in a unique unit.

Advantages: insertable in architecturally demanding rooms

PVC/Film fronts

For smaller budgets we frequently use film fronts. Our range has a large selection of various decors and models.

Advantages: versatile, easy to clean.