geschichte_produkte_bbag The present


    With the launch of the manufactories, we have increasingly specialised in becoming a supplier of finished parts which the kitchen, furniture and electrical industries. We maintain and develop our own digital configurators, which order the of our products to size, simplifies, accelerates and increases precision. In addition to manufacturing, we offer commercial products for two main areas, “Furniture fittings” and “Light”.
    Our main brand in furniture fittings continues to be “Blum”, which we have developed over a selected range of products dealer network throughout Switzerland. In the “Light” segment, we are diversifying not only into LED luminaires but also into the “Lighting Controls” and “Smart Home” segments. Customer benefit is always at the centre of our activities.



luxmanufaktur The LUX-Manufaktur


The LUX-Manufaktur was launched in November 2012, tying up to the BOX-Manufaktur’s success story and according to the same principles. Made-to-measure LED lights are produced and equipped with all required accessories in this Services Centre. During the ordering process, the customer is guided through a “PROJEKTER” checklist, which was developed in-house and which guarantees the order’s completeness and correctness. LUX-Manufaktur produces and delivers the lights within 72 hours.



boxmanufaktur The BOX-Manufaktur


The BOX-Manufaktur, a Services Centre for the kitchen manufacturer and joinery, was launched in March 2003. A milestone in the history of Beat Bucher AG. BLUM and wooden frames, as well as made-to-measure drawers are produced as fully assembled and ready for installation in the furniture within 72 hours.

These are equipped with many other options upon request. Apart from ready-made drawers, BOX-Manufaktur also provides other made-to-measure products such as cutlery trays or aluminium frame fronts.



geschichte_kanada_flagge Founding of Bucher Ltd. in Canada


On a basis of longstanding customer relations with Canada, Bucher Ltd. is founded in Red Deer, Alberta, in autumn 2002, starting with two employees


geschichte_skitch First online kitchen shop in Switzerland goes on the net




geschichte_gl_1999 Beat Bucher AG taken over by the management

  • Management buy-out by the long-time employee Christophe Dütsch, Claude Gehri and Klaus Rost
  • The virtual network for the development and manufacturing of products develops


geschichte_claude_gehri Beat Bucher passes management on to Claude Gehri


A new era is on the way.


geschichte_aktie_130x130 The company becomes a limited company


geschichte_beat_bucher Beat Bucher AG founded as a technical wholesale business in Tägerwilen TG


The first large representation was for Blum fittings (an important milestone for the successful future of Beat Bucher AG)